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UPDATE - LMP calls on govt to treat SMEs as strategic partners (adds Fidesz)
04/01/2017 21:52:18
Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - The opposition LMP party has called on the government to treat small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as strategic partners rather than cosying up to multinationals, the party's economic policy expert said on Wednesday.
Women's basketball - Euroleague result
04/01/2017 20:25:01
Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - Result of a women's basketball Euroleague group B round 7 match played in Sopron, in western Hungary, on Wednesday:
President nominated by MPs rather than civil groups, says proposed candidate
04/01/2017 19:05:08
Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - Former ombudsman Laszlo Majtenyi, whose name has recently been suggested by a civil group as a possible candidate for Hungary's next president, called that gesture an honour but said that the nomination was up to the National Assembly.
Pollster finds Jobbik voter base shrinking
04/01/2017 18:33:31
Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - Support for the radical nationalist Jobbik party among decided voters has decreased from 26 percent in the autumn of 2015 to 19 percent, pollster Szazadveg told MTI on Wednesday.
BUX closes up 1.49 pc
04/01/2017 17:15:23
Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - The Budapest Stock Exchange's BUX index closed at a record 32,649.04 points on Wednesday, up by 1.49 percent from Tuesday's closing figures.
Registered same-sex partners entitled to same tax benefits as married couples, says ombudsman
04/01/2017 17:14:48
Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - All tax benefits such as ones for newlyweds or exemption from the inheritance tax are to be applied for registered same-sex partners, too, gay rights group Hatter Tarsasag said in a statement on Wednesday.
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